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Based on the authorization of the Ministry of Technology and Industry and the regulation of the EU Commission 1178/2011/EU and 2015/340 EU PHARMAFLIGHT Aviation Academy Ltd. obtained the Aeromedical Center (AeMC) certificate and it is authorized to perform aeromedical examinations and assessments for the purpose of issuing aeromedical certificates. At our center, we have at our disposal the most modern equipment, advanced infrastructure, and trained and experienced professional staff.

Our aim and philosophy is to help aviation crews  in the most flexible and professional way, so that they can be part of the world of aviation as long as possible.


The whole spectrum of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) medical examinations is performed at the Aeromedical Center:

  • Class 1 (ATPL, CPL) – first examination
  • Class 1 (ATPL, CPL) – renewal and revalidation
  • Class 2 (PPL) – first examination
  • Class 2 (PPL) – renewal and revalidation
  • LAPL


The examinations are carried out in accordance with international protocols, documentation and GDPR, according to official tariffs.

The criteria for medical eligibility are documented in the Ministry for National Development 27/2014. (IV. 30.) regulation, Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 (03 November 2011), European Aviation Safety Agency PART-MED AMC and GM1

Applying for Aeromedical Examination

After making the appointment (taking the preferred date in mind) the applicant will receive an email about the exact time and cost of the examination.

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PHARMAFLIGHT Aeromedical Center Debrecen places special emphasis on participation in domestic and international aviation health science and participation in conferences. Our staff are a regular speakers at these conferences.

In 2019, the PHARMAFLIGHT Center hosted the international ICASM2019 conference with the participation of 74 countries. Here, human performance received special attention, and our colleagues also gave lectures on this topic. Dr. Krisztina Szabó held a lecture on “Flying 65 and beyond – a possible answer to the growing demand for aircrew” issue, Botond Szűcs presented the “Effects of accelerated pilot training on loadability” and Dr. Mate Petrekanits presented the “Risk assessment in aviation medicine, based on performance optimizing methods in exercise physiology”.


Cooperation agreements


ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization

As an ICAO research partner, since 2016, PHARMAFLIGHT has been committed to enhancing aviation safety in all areas of the aviation industry. We have entered into a co-operation agreement with ICAO, under which we will carry out joint scientific and research work on medical, physiological and mental health assessments of flight crew.

Terme Selce Clinic

Based on the agreement concluded between the Croatian Terme Selce Clinic and the PHARMAFLIGHT Center, we jointly carry out physiological and mental, psychophysiological examination and follow-up of the flight crew and air traffic controllers. 

ASL Airlines Hungary

A co-operation agreement has been signed to inspect the pilots of the airline, mostly working night shifts (air freight), in order to implement fatigue management. 

HungaroControl Hungarian Air Navigation Services Pte. Ltd.

The extremely complex work of air traffic controllers requires special skills. The selection of candidates for training is a complex process consisting of several steps. By evaluating the physiological parameters and cognitive functions of the candidates, the PHARMAFLIGHT Center contributes to the success of the selection process, thereby reducing the number of drop-out students. 

INTEGRA Aviation ApS

In 2020, PHARMAFLIGHT and Integra Aviation  decided to sign in a General Cooperation Agreement within the aviation market like research and development projects. These projects are related to the selection of aviation students, pilot training, UAV operations, provision of local AFIS servicesin Hungary and case by case to develop English language training material for students.


Fatigue increases the development of stress, while stress significantly affects fatigue and the ability to become fatigued.

Overload and inadequate rest are primarily responsible for the development of both phenomena. Examining these factors is a key element. In this way, we can develop and apply methods that enhance flight safety from a human point of view, which can also be used for other people with a high workload (eg senior executives, truck drivers, members of armed corps, emergency personnel, special services, athletes, etc.).

The aim of our current research is to develop a tool that can map the physiological condition of the examined person in a non-invasive way. The monitoring of these physiological parameters is the focus of our interest. In recent years we have conducted several studies on pilots and pilot students. Our goal is to create the most complex possible picture of the examined person, thus helping the person’s daily performance and workload. Evaluating the physiological functions and parameters of the given person, we look for signs of possible disturbances of the physiological function during the examinations, thus we can draw conclusions regarding the physiological function of the body, and its change over time

With the help of the device under development, we can provide support to air traffic controllers who meet the highest professional standards, air crew, professionals working in stressful areas who are constantly being demanded of outstanding performance and people who want to maintain their health to create and maintain an optimal physical, mental and physiological condition, to handle unforeseen events in the course of their work in a professional manner.

Our research methods and tools make it possible to refine and optimize the workload and selection in the case of occupations with a high workload (pilot, traffic controller, professional driver, etc.) and to support it with exact results.

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The explosive growth of aviation and aeronautic industry creates a growing need for aviation personnel. This puts stress on the aviation industry,, because more and more tasks have to be settled by fewer and older staff. The change is very demanding on aviation co-workers, creating a great amount of stress.

The different levels and mix of fatigue and stress play a crucial role in human error caused events. Fatigue and stress affect reaction time, perception, focus,  and resolve, and the aforementioned two are in a vicious circle: rising fatigue creates stress, and stress causes even more fatigue.


PHARMAFLIGHT Stress Reduction Program (PSLP)

The program provides support to air traffic controllers who meet the highest professional standards, flight crew, professionals in stressful areas and people who want to maintain their health in order to reach and maintain optimal physical, mental and physiological condition, and to deal with unexpected work events in a professional manner.

The aim of the examinations carried out within the framework of the PSLP program is to form as complex a picture as possible of the examined person by classifying the physique, body composition, physiological and psychological characteristics.

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The main goal of the study of cognitive functions is to register sudden changes in the ability to concentrate, to determine the state of long- and short-term memory, to test visual functions, to measure reaction time, to characterize simultaneous information management skills. The test consists of a modular, customizable series of tests to be performed using a touch screen computer.

The examination equipment available at the PHARMAFLIGHT Aeromedical Center Debrecen – with the help of a specialist – gives a finding that can be used for qualification the next day after 30-60 minutes of examination.

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The Physiology Institute of the PHARMAFLIGHT Aeromedical Center Debrecen uses the most modern infrastructure with advanced technologies and testing methods that are not available anywhere else in the current healthcare structure.Pharmaflight provides information about the body’s functioning and physiological functions that are  detailed, accurate, and  are currently used in the fields of aeronautics and space.

Using 35 years of experience, our team of experts has compiled a special manager screening program, which will be evaluated based on the results of a personalized, unique protocol developed on the basis of the tests.

Increased stress and pace of work in daily work, a sedentary lifestyle and work are all factors that increase the risk of developing certain diseases.

The situation is also exacerbated by the fact that people often only turn to a specialist when their complaints are already uncomfortable, painful, and the symptoms are clear.

The purpose of managerial screening is to prevent the development of diseases, to detect any existing diseases that have not yet caused a complaint. Thorough screening tests can reveal warning signs of deterioration preemptively. Fatigue, irritability, various sleep disorders can indicate the appearance of diseases. Unfortunately, these symptoms often lead to a decrease in performance, which only increases the stress.

The essence of screening is to detect diseases that are already developing due to increased stress and fast-paced lifestyle ahead of time. So-called managerial illnesses caused by chronic stress can not only affect those working in management positions, which is why managerial screening is recommended for everyone.

We pay special attention to the screening of cardiovascular diseases, to the improvement and proper maintenance of the quality of life, and to the preservation of the ability to work.

Continuous control and prevention is an integral part of maintaining health. With this in mind, the repetition of studies is determined by the individualized program. Each of our screening packages includes an assessment of your general health and evaluation by a specialist, as well as a personalized treatment and therapy recommendation.

Tests are available locally without waiting or referral.

Manager screening packages



  • internal medicine: physical examination, medical history, blood pressure, BMI calculation
  • 12-lead ECG with assessment
  • anthropometry
  • resting physiological evaluation: heart rate variability, arteriography, EEG
  • cardiovascularis risk calculation
  • nutritional and lifestyle guidance
  • sleep assessment (optional)
  • overall medical summary
  • kinesiology



 Beyond the standard manager screening it consists of the following:

  • laboratory test (hematology, ions, kidney function test, liver function test, lipids, tumormarkers, serology)
  • fecal blood test
  • colon cancer screening from blood or stool
  • food allergy test
  • screening for diabetes (HgbA1c, oral glucose tolerance test)
  • basic ophthalmology tests (visual acuity, near vision test, colour vision test)
  • basic audiometry
  • sleep assessment (optional)
  • overall medical summary
  • kinesiology


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 Examination site

The primary examination site is the PHARMAFLIGHT Aeromedical Center Debrecen, which has all the measuring tools and equipment, sleep analysis rooms and a medical department with the required number of examination rooms and evaluation rooms. The primary examination site is the PHARMAFLIGHT Center, which has all the measuring tools and equipment, sleep analysis rooms and a medical department with the required number of examination rooms and evaluation rooms.