The explosive growth of aviation and aeronautic industry creates a growing need for aviation personnel. This is counterproductive, because more and more task has to be settled by less and more older staff. The change is very demanding on aviation co-workers, creating a great amount of stress.

The different levels and mix of fatigue and stress play a crucial role in human error caused events. Fatigue and stress affects reaction time, perception, focus, resolve and the aforementioned two are in a vicious circle: rising fatigue creates stress, and stress causes even more fatigue.

The key for both phenomenon is surfeit and not appropriate rest. Although there is no golden standard it seems certain that at least one of the three agent of surfeit (correct amount of rest and workload, age and stress) has to be reduced to get rid of the growing risk. As far as science knows age cannot be changed so we have to focus on stress and fatigue.

Managing these two factors can augment aeronautical safety by avoiding human error, the results and method of these fatigue and stress management can be used in any field with high workload (managers, drivers, disaster recovery, law enforcement, special forces)

Pharma Flight Stress Less Programme (PSLP)

The programme aides the workers in the highest professional requirements like aviation ground control, air crew and other constantly paramount, efficient experts to reach and maintain optimal physical and mental condition and to handle unexpected events professionally.

The measurements and tests taken in PSLP programme ensure to get the most complex picture of the examinee including body constitution, physiological and psychical characteristics.

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