The Ministry of National Development validated PHARMAFLIGHT Aeromedical Institute as a medical testing and qualifying institute for flight crew. We offer the most modern and up to date devices, with developed infrastructure and qualified personnel with huge experience.

Our aim and philosophy is to help aviation crew who turn to us as flexible and up to par as possible. So they can be part of the world of aviation as long as possible.

The whole spectrum of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) medical examinations is performed:

  • Class 1 (ATPL, CPL) – renewal and revalidation
  • Class 2 (PPL)
  • Class 3 (ATCO) – renewal and revalidation
  • LAPL
  • Cabin crew

The examinations are made according to international protocols and documentation, with official price.

The criteria for medical eligibility are documented in the:

Apply for Aeromedical Examination

After fixing the appointment (taking the preferred date in mind) the applicant will receive an email about the exact time and cost of the examination.

The applicant can pay by cash or bank transfer.


1st medical class  (ATPL, CPL)
periodic examination 16 100 Ft
2nd medical class (PPL), LAPL, Cabin crew
first, or extended (exercise ECG) examination 13 800 Ft
periodic examination 9 200 Ft
3rd medical class (ATCO)
first, or extended (exercise ECG, comprehensive opthalmologic or otolaryngologic) examination 28 700 Ft
periodic examination 16 100 Ft

Assigned aeromedical examiner: dr. Krisztina Szabó.

Administration fee for all type of examinations: 5000 Ft.

Foreign language communication fee for all type of examinations: 5000 Ft.

Contacts for PHARMAFLIGHT Aeromedical Department:


Telephone: +36 52 870 280

Address: Debrecen Szatke Ferenc Str. 1. Hungary on map