Aviation studies at Árpád Tóth High School in Debrecen

The aim of the training is that the students can acquire the knowledge of aviation in high school which can be improved in higher education so they can get internationally recognized qaulity knowledge.

During this high school training the general high school basics are supplemented with special knowledge of aviation, familiarizing the students with the aviation system in youth.

Some elements of the special training:

  • aircraft knowledge, systems, aircraft aerodinamics, specificity of flights
  • flight rules and processes, navigation and communication, basics of air traffic control,
  • pilot licences, hierarchy
  • aircraft handling knowledge
  • airport systems
  • aviation safety, quality

During the training they recognize the theoretical knowledge in practice in the course of traineeships. So visiting flight simulators or the Airport of Debrecen and Budapest forms an integral part of the training.

To provide the special knowledge the high school’s teachers are helped by domestic, qualified and efficient professionals with many years of experience who are eminent representatives of aviation organisations and authorities.