It is clearly perceptible nowadays that due to the expansion of air transport, the demand for pilots, as well as flight crew, is constantly increasing. In this field, PHARMAFLIGHT aspires to provide an ever broader range of pilot training, i.e. that opportunities for applicants should extend from the training of beginners to the acquisition of type ratings.

The International Aviation Centre is located in the PHARMAFLIGHT central building, which is a training organisation with an ATO licence [Approved Training Organisation] in accordance with European Union legislation.

In the pilot training we collaborate with the University of Debrecen, so the pilot training operates within the regular education system as an off-site department of the university. Our Boeing and Airbus simulators then enable applicants, with the aid of our fully prepared trainers, to acquire all kinds of ratings from the basic level to recertification examinations.


Private Pilot Licence – PPL

Night VFR – NVFR

Airline Transport Pilot Licence – ATPL

Instrument Flight Rating – IFR

Commercial Pilot Licence – CPL

Multi engine Class Rating – MEP CR(A)

Multi eninge Instrument Rating – ME IR(A)

Multi-Crew Cooperation – MCC

Jet Orientation – JOT

A320 type rating

B737 type rating

Flight instructor FI(A)

Time building