Fatigue management

Fatigue increases the development of stress, while stress significantly affects fatigue and the ability to become fatigued.

Overload and inadequate rest are primarily responsible for the development of both phenomena. Examining these factors is a key element. In this way, we can develop and apply methods that enhance flight safety from a human point of view, which can also be used for other people with a high workload (eg senior executives, truck drivers, members of armed corps, emergency personnel, special services, athletes, etc.).

The aim of our current research is to develop a tool that can map the physiological condition of the examined person in a non-invasive way. The monitoring of these physiological parameters is the focus of our interest. In recent years we have conducted several studies on pilots and pilot students. Our goal is to create the most complex possible picture of the examined person, thus helping the person’s daily performance and workload. Evaluating the physiological functions and parameters of the given person, we look for signs of possible disturbances of the physiological function during the examinations, thus we can draw conclusions regarding the physiological function of the body, and its change over time

With the help of the device under development, we can provide support to air traffic controllers who meet the highest professional standards, air crew, professionals working in stressful areas who are constantly being demanded of outstanding performance and people who want to maintain their health to create and maintain an optimal physical, mental and physiological condition, to handle unforeseen events in the course of their work in a professional manner.

Our research methods and tools make it possible to refine and optimize the workload and selection in the case of occupations with a high workload (pilot, traffic controller, professional driver, etc.) and to support it with exact results.

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