Manager screening

The Physiology Institute of the PHARMAFLIGHT Aeromedical Center Debrecen uses the most modern infrastructure with advanced technologies and testing methods that are not available anywhere else in the current healthcare structure.Pharmaflight provides information about the body’s functioning and physiological functions that are  detailed, accurate, and  are currently used in the fields of aeronautics and space.

Using 35 years of experience, our team of experts has compiled a special manager screening program, which will be evaluated based on the results of a personalized, unique protocol developed on the basis of the tests.

Increased stress and pace of work in daily work, a sedentary lifestyle and work are all factors that increase the risk of developing certain diseases.

The situation is also exacerbated by the fact that people often only turn to a specialist when their complaints are already uncomfortable, painful, and the symptoms are clear.

The purpose of managerial screening is to prevent the development of diseases, to detect any existing diseases that have not yet caused a complaint. Thorough screening tests can reveal warning signs of deterioration preemptively. Fatigue, irritability, various sleep disorders can indicate the appearance of diseases. Unfortunately, these symptoms often lead to a decrease in performance, which only increases the stress.

The essence of screening is to detect diseases that are already developing due to increased stress and fast-paced lifestyle ahead of time. So-called managerial illnesses caused by chronic stress can not only affect those working in management positions, which is why managerial screening is recommended for everyone.

We pay special attention to the screening of cardiovascular diseases, to the improvement and proper maintenance of the quality of life, and to the preservation of the ability to work.

Continuous control and prevention is an integral part of maintaining health. With this in mind, the repetition of studies is determined by the individualized program. Each of our screening packages includes an assessment of your general health and evaluation by a specialist, as well as a personalized treatment and therapy recommendation.

Tests are available locally without waiting or referral.

Manager screening packages



  • internal medicine: physical examination, medical history, blood pressure, BMI calculation
  • 12-lead ECG with assessment
  • anthropometry
  • resting physiological evaluation: heart rate variability, arteriography, EEG
  • cardiovascularis risk calculation
  • nutritional and lifestyle guidance
  • sleep assessment (optional)
  • overall medical summary
  • kinesiology



 Beyond the standard manager screening it consists of the following:

  • laboratory test (hematology, ions, kidney function test, liver function test, lipids, tumormarkers, serology)
  • fecal blood test
  • colon cancer screening from blood or stool
  • food allergy test
  • screening for diabetes (HgbA1c, oral glucose tolerance test)
  • basic ophthalmology tests (visual acuity, near vision test, colour vision test)
  • basic audiometry
  • sleep assessment (optional)
  • overall medical summary
  • kinesiology


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