Medical examinations

The whole spectrum of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) medical examinations for pilots and cabin crew is performed at the Aeromedical Center:

  • Class 1 (ATPL, CPL) – first examination
  • Class 1 (ATPL, CPL) – renewal and revalidation
  • Class 2 (PPL) – first examination
  • Class 2 (PPL) – renewal and revalidation
  • LAPL
  • Cabin Crew


The examinations are carried out in accordance with international protocols and documentation, according to official tariffs.

The criteria for medical eligibility are documented in the Ministry for National Development 27/2014. (IV. 30.) regulation, Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 (03 November 2011), European Aviation Safety Agency PART-MED AMC and GM1

Applying for Aeromedical Examination

After making the appointment (taking the preferred date in mind) the applicant will receive an email about the exact time and cost of the examination.

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