PHARMAFLIGHT Aeromedical Center Debrecen places special emphasis on participation in domestic and international aviation health science and participation in conferences. Our staff are a regular speakers at these conferences.

In 2019, the PHARMAFLIGHT Center hosted the international ICASM2019 conference with the participation of 74 countries. Here, human performance received special attention, and our colleagues also gave lectures on this topic. Dr. Krisztina Szabó held a lecture on “Flying 65 and beyond – a possible answer to the growing demand for aircrew” issue, Botond Szűcs presented the “Effects of accelerated pilot training on loadability” and Dr. Mate Petrekanits presented the “Risk assessment in aviation medicine, based on performance optimizing methods in exercise physiology”.


Cooperation agreements


ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization

As an ICAO research partner, since 2016, PHARMAFLIGHT has been committed to enhancing aviation safety in all areas of the aviation industry. We have entered into a co-operation agreement with ICAO, under which we will carry out joint scientific and research work on medical, physiological and mental health assessments of flight crew.

Terme Selce Clinic

Based on the agreement concluded between the Croatian Terme Selce Clinic and the PHARMAFLIGHT Center, we jointly carry out physiological and mental, psychophysiological examination and follow-up of the flight crew and air traffic controllers. 

ASL Airlines Hungary

A co-operation agreement has been signed to inspect the pilots of the airline, mostly working night shifts (air freight), in order to implement fatigue management. 

HungaroControl Hungarian Air Navigation Services Pte. Ltd.

The extremely complex work of air traffic controllers requires special skills. The selection of candidates for training is a complex process consisting of several steps. By evaluating the physiological parameters and cognitive functions of the candidates, the PHARMAFLIGHT Center contributes to the success of the selection process, thereby reducing the number of drop-out students. 

INTEGRA Aviation ApS

In 2020, PHARMAFLIGHT and Integra Aviation  decided to sign in a General Cooperation Agreement within the aviation market like research and development projects. These projects are related to the selection of aviation students, pilot training, UAV operations, provision of local AFIS servicesin Hungary and case by case to develop English language training material for students.