In order to follow the training technology and international standards of the airlines, PHARMAFLIGHT Plc. has built a modern training facility, which includes not one, but two advanced flight simulators: an Airbus 320-200 type Full Flight Simulator (FFS), CS-FSTD A Level D level, CFM56-5B4 and IAE V2527-A5 engine versions available for training, exams and exercises. According to the Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011 of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, our A320-200 simulator has Flight Simulation Training Device Qualification Certificate and meets the qualification requirements of the ORA in its technical data, thus playing a leading role in world-class pilot training, in the Central European region.

The A320 FFS LEVEL D simulator has:

  • simulation software developed by AMST-AVIATION B.V.
  • mirror system with 200×45˚view angle
  • high resolution projectors
  • electro-pneumatic actuating mechanism
  • electrical Control Loading System
  • easy-to-use instructor interface (Free IOS training on demand!)
  • tablet placement is also provided for instructor and pilots. (iPad and Surface Pro devices)
  • an integrated USB charging station for the instructor for Apple and Android devices

We opened our simulator center with the intention of giving the general public receptive to and interested in aviation a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of large-scale passenger flight. The Boeing 737 simulator has proven to be an ideal choice to achieve our goals. Sitting in the Boeing 737-800 simulator, you can experience different weather conditions on the high-resolution screens and how these affect your flight, you can hear real flight control sounds as well as take-off and landing conditions at the airport of your choice. We recommend our simulator primarily for practice and learning about the possibilities of flying.

B737-800 simulator has:

  • EASA FTD 2 compliant simulation model
  • TRANSAS AURORA IG graphics system
  • mirror system with 200×45˚view angle
  • easy-to-use instructor interface (with free IOS training on request)
  • electrical Control Loading System




Our newly arrived Cessna C172 FNPT II simulator is available at our center from August 2020. Our C172 FNPT II practice simulator is primarily recommended for pilots in single-engine instrument training who can put their theoretical knowledge into practice before flying in a real aircraft.

Simulator is suitable:

  • Professional aviation experience and flight science education
  • to get to know the cockpit of the aircraft
  • to learn and operate the flight simulator
  • to acquire IFR instrument flight knowledge
  • to acquire visual flight VFR knowledge
  • teaching and research work