Stress reduction program

The explosive growth of aviation and aeronautic industry creates a growing need for aviation personnel. This puts stress on the aviation industry,, because more and more tasks have to be settled by fewer and older staff. The change is very demanding on aviation co-workers, creating a great amount of stress.

The different levels and mix of fatigue and stress play a crucial role in human error caused events. Fatigue and stress affect reaction time, perception, focus,  and resolve, and the aforementioned two are in a vicious circle: rising fatigue creates stress, and stress causes even more fatigue.


PHARMAFLIGHT Stress Reduction Program (PSLP)

The program provides support to air traffic controllers who meet the highest professional standards, flight crew, professionals in stressful areas and people who want to maintain their health in order to reach and maintain optimal physical, mental and physiological condition, and to deal with unexpected work events in a professional manner.

The aim of the examinations carried out within the framework of the PSLP program is to form as complex a picture as possible of the examined person by classifying the physique, body composition, physiological and psychological characteristics.

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