Trainings on drone

Nowadays, it’s easy to buy a drone in Hungary, and on the Internet one can get advice about which category and brand to choose. However, one thing cannot be downloaded and acquired straightaway from the Internet: the safe and responsible flying.

PHARMAFLIGHT in cooperation with ICAO is committed to make the aviation safe in every field of the aviation industry, so that they set up the first unmanned aerial vehicle training certified by the Aviation Authority (UAS – Unmanned Aircraft System).

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operator basic course

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The theoretical and technical training is conducted according to the adequate content and professional requirements recommended by the international organisations.

The location of the drone pilot training is the PHARMAFLIGHT International Scientific and Service Center and the Debrecen International Airport. The first step of the modular course is the Unmanned Aircraft System handling basic course. After successfully fulfilling it, the participants obtain a Private Operator License for private use of UAS recognised by the Aviation Authority of the National Transport Authority. During the two-day training, the participants can get acquianted with the basic technical and air law knowledge, the concerning aviation rules, meteorological and aviation safety questions. Furthermore, they can acquire the basic technical aviation and operation knowledge for private use of drones.


What does the course give for the applicants?

  • During the simulator course they acquire the aviation processes and they exercise the emergency situations and protocols
  • During the practical course they can operate various type and category multicopters and fixed wing aircraft both indoors and outdoors
  • After the successful final examination, a certificate recognised by the aviation authority
  • On the location of the course, in the PHARMAFLIGHT Center an appropriately-equipped environment with the most modern devices
  • Within the course period, professional service and products

The members of The National Association of Drone Pilots with valid membership get 10% discount from the price of the basic course.



Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operator advanced course

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It is also possible to take company- and individual-themed, needs-based, field-of-use and drone-specific courses in Hungarian and English.

If you are interested, send your request to for further information.