The Outsourced Department of Aeronautical Engineering is located in the PHARMAFLIGHT International Science and Service Center, which is located next to Debrecen Airport. PHARMAFLIGHT is an ATO (Approved Training Organization) licensed training organization in accordance with European Union legislation. Students complete the training on a Cessna 172 aircraft and an FNPT II simulator, but in the final semester they are already gaining experience on a full-flight Airbus 320-200 (FFS) simulator (which has two engine versions CFM56-5B4 and IAE V2527-A5).



Our aim is to train professionals who are capable of working for aviation companies as professional pilots, who understand aviation, traffic, air operation and ground handling assignments and tasks. During their studies, pilot candidates will acquire the requirements for ATP (A) (Airline Transport Pilot) integrated training and, upon successful completion of the course, will receive a CPL / IR license with ATPL theory and will take apart on a A320 type rating course too.

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