Get in touch with us!

Get in touch with us!

The PHARMAFLIGHT Center is located in Debrecen, which today is the second largest, dynamically developing city in Hungary and has become the financial, economic, scientific and tourist center of the eastern part of the country. Debrecen is located 230 kilometers from the capital of Hungary, Budapest, and can be reached by motorway in about 2.5 hours from Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

The city of Debrecen also has its own international airport in the immediate vicinity of the PHARMAFLIGHT Center. There are direct flights from Debrecen Airport to main cities of Europe. Debrecen is also the base airport of WizzAir airline.



Our central contacts:

Tel: +36 52 870 270
4030 Debrecen, Szatke Ferenc street 1.
EU VAT number: HU26092797
NON-EU VAT number: 26092797-2-09
Company registration number: 09-10-000572

Aeromedical Center

+36 52 870 280


+ 36 52 870 275


+36 52 870 269
Head of training +36 30 907 4067
Operation center: +36 30 793 0947


For International Applicants

Training Representative for International Applicants: Mr. Zoltán Sajtos
+36 20 922 4998

Debrecen headquarters

Budapest office

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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